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Our Top Picks for Lodging and Dining with an Escort Sassenheim Provides

It's time to start planning your time with a hot Amsterdam escort, and we have some of the best places to stay and eat in town. Check them out, and then get in touch with us or contact them directly, to make your reservations. The escort Sassenheim gives you will love that you have everything in place for a great night.

Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden

This hotel is without a doubt our number one pick. It is brand new, luxurious and breathtaking. From the tile floors to the recessed lighting, everything is crisp and well done, and the rooms are as comfortable and spacious as any you'll find in the city. There is an incredible pool, dining areas, and free WiFi. The hotel is also connected to Jack's Casino and the Ozzo Sushi & Lounge. You have entertainment, drinks and food right in one spot. Many hotels are a bit older in the Netherlands, so you'll love this modern, upscale establishment. You can call them 24 hours a day at +31 252 21 90 19, and the hotel is located at Warmonderweg 8, 2171 AH Sassenheim.

De Voogd

This is a great place for outdoor dining, where you and the escort Sassenheim has given you can stretch your legs and have a nice meal. The outdoor seating is comfortable and spacious, and the tables have umbrellas for the sun. They have English menus if you'd like them, and they serve a lot of excellent dishes, like the grilled chicken and the steak, along with traditional Dutch dishes. If you want something lighter, they also have club sandwiches, wraps and similar options. You and the Amsterdam escort will absolutely enjoy their nice selection of beer on tap. You'll find the place at Hoofdstraat, 267B, Sassenheim, and the phone number is 0252 23 27 70.

Op Eigen Wijze

Op Eigen Wijze is a nice restaurant that comes with some of the best prices around. They have daily specials; for instance, on Mondays, steak will cost you just 10 euros, but it's normally a bit higher. If you want something specific, call first and ask for the specials to make sure you go on the right day. There is a great terrace that is widely used in the summer, and you need to make a reservation to be sure you get a seat. The wine list is also very good, and there are few things better than pairing a good red wine with that Monday steak. You and the escort Sassenheim has to offer can find it at Hoofdstraat 265, Sassenheim. Call 0252 865 411 for reservations.