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Escort Amsterdam Brings the Fun to You

Conveniently located near the airport, and only 30 minutes by car to the heart of Amsterdam, Oude Meer offers all the conveniences for your trip to Amsterdam.

Explore the City with a Knockout

The culture and life in Amsterdam is quite open and inviting. Why not enjoy all the pleasures that one can while on your visit to this wonderful and unique part of Europe? Schedule an afternoon or evening with the finest escort Amsterdam can offer, and every place you go will be like heaven.

Barney's Coffee Shop in Amsterdam

As a visitor, you have got to at least stop into a coffee shop to see what the hype is about. Barney's Coffee Shop, in the Westerpark area, is probably one of the most famous stops in all of Amsterdam. They have won numerous "High Times Cup" awards from the world's leading marijuana trade show. The building itself may be 500 years old, but the cozy interior makes this a funky yet modern place to chill out. You can truly kick back with your personal escort, Amsterdam style, in a place like this. The original coffee shop is located at Haarlemmerstraat 102, 1013 EW Amsterdam. However, if you find yourself at one of their other locations -- The Farm, Lounge or Uptown -- the atmosphere and selection are just as good!

Relaxing in Oude Meer at Cafe Restaurant Wink

On a beautiful day, head to the Cafe Restaurant Wink in Oude Meer. The restaurant is located at Schipholdijk 270, 1438 AE Oude Meer with a simple appearance from the outside. The show stealer here is the terrace. With a beautiful canal-front view and an incredible sexy escort Oude Meer has provided at your side, all of your worries and cares seem to float on by as the two of you sit, sipping a coffee, in the outside air. Wind shields are also in place to make sure you soak up all the warmth of the sun without being bothered by a chill coming off the water. Call the restaurant at +020 6570146 for hours or if you have questions.

Meet Up with Your Personal Escort

Whether you are staying in the city center or the surrounding areas, our sexy ladies will come wherever you are. Keep in mind that here in Amsterdam and Oude Meer the idea of sexuality is much more accepted than much of the rest of the world, but you can still count on our ladies to be discreet. Take a look at the gallery and start getting excited about the intoxicating time you are about to have...