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An Escort Lisse Gives You Guides You to Small-Town Beauty

The Dutch tulip craze was so big that it's become well-known lore the world over, even generations after it happened. The flowers are still a huge part of the culture in the Netherlands, with huge fields of brightly-colored tulips growing all over the countryside and even spawning parades. If you're interested in checking this out in person, an escort Lisse can provide is the ultimate tour guide.

Keukenhof Park and Castle

This is a beautiful park, full of perfectly-manicured lawns, tulip gardens, and waterways. It's a great spot to take the escort Lisse gave you for a romantic stroll. It's also fun to visit Keukenhof Castle, a towering and majestic castle within the park. You'll feel like you've stepped back in time to the days when the tulip craze was flourishing. To see these historic sites, just go to Stationsweg 166, 2161 Lisse, or call +31 (0) 252 465 555. Remember to book your tour in advance.

Hotel De Duif

This hotel has an incredible location that you just can't beat. You won't even need a cab to get to the gardens, as you can walk in just a few minutes. There is a restaurant connected to the hotel itself, making dining very easy, and the central location of the hotel also means you can get to area restaurants in minutes with the escort Amsterdam shared with you. Though it's a historic building in a historic town, plenty of updates have been done, so you really get a modern, luxury vibe in your room. This hotel is at Westerdreef 49, 2161 EN Lisse.


You and the escort Lisse provide are going to want to go out at night, and we can't recommend any restaurant more highly than this one. Offering incredible Greek dishes and huge portion sizes, you're sure to walk away satisfied. They have thick, house-made French fries, giant gyros just stuffed with lamb and toppings, and more. It's authentic food, which you'll love if you've been to Greece and you know what to expect. The restaurant is located at Kanaalstraat 90, 2161 JP Lisse, and the phone number is 0252-420760.

Ristorante Il Mulino

Another incredible option is Ristorante Il Mulino, which serves wonderful Italian food. This is traditional cuisine that is heavy on everything you crave, including friendly service: pasta, sauces, meat and fresh vegetables. You can get chicken, steak, scampi, calamari, and more. You can find it at Heereweg 194, 2161 BP Lisse, and you can call them at 06-28181148.