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Enjoy Getaways with Your Amsterdam Escort

On your first visit to Holland with your escort, Amsterdam is full of 24-hour fun. The frenetic pace of the city can sometimes feel on par with cosmopolitan hubs like New York City, London or Paris. But chances are you may want a little time alone with your escort. Kudelstaart is the perfect day trip for a little one-on-one time with a sexy single from the Netherlands.


If you are looking for overnight accommodations for you and your escort, Kudelstaart has some cozy bed and breakfast lodgings available, but no hotels are located within the village limits. However, the intimate atmosphere of a B&B tucked out of the way of most tourists might be the perfect spot for a sensuous romp with your hottie.

Music and Flowers

Right next door to Kudelstaart, the music scene in Aalsmeer is both dynamic and thriving. Check out some cutting edge European live music shows with your escort. Kudelstaart is only minutes from some of the best of Holland’s offerings.

Aalsmeer is also home to the world’s largest flower auction, where tulips and other beautiful bouquets are bought for shipment to florists all over the world. Surprise your escort. Amsterdam and surrounding municipalities always have gorgeous bouquets to purchase as gifts for beautiful women.


Consider renting a boat for an afternoon on the water with your escort. Kudelstaart, being surrounding by an interconnected web of lakes, is an idyllic spot for a sexy rendezvous with your sensuous escort.

Grabbing a Bite

The proliferation of lakes in the region makes the perfect scenic backdrop for special private picnics for you and your escort. Amsterdam is an excellent place to shop for provisions for a fantasy picnic for two in Kudelstaart.

Linger over coffee at Brasserie-Café Oevers at 1433 GR in Kudelstaart. This café serves up French cuisine and is open for both lunch and dinner. It also offers high tea daily until 4 p.m. A great spot to pop in for a quick drink, it has wait service, outdoor seating and also takes reservations. The breathtaking marina view over the Westeinderplas from the vantage point of the restaurant is sure to impress your lovely escort. Kudelstaart is much more than a sleepy Dutch town!

Slow Time Down in Kudelstaart

After the hectic pace of international travel, daytrips to small towns only a short ride from Amsterdam are a great way to decompress and relax with your sexy escort. Kudelstaart, with its dreamy, watery atmosphere, is a great spot to drop off of life’s radar.