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Where to Stay in Beautiful Hillegom

If you're coming to the Netherlands and you don't really crave the big-city life, you may want to head out to Hillegom. It's a small, quaint little town in the western part of the Netherlands, a place with rolling fields, rivers and canals, rows upon rows of flowers, and historic little buildings. It can be the perfect place for a romantic retreat with an escort Hillegom can provide.

De Nachtegaal

This place is a little bit outside of Hillegom, but only by 1.5 miles. It's a cool retreat with a lot of character, as you'll see from the red tile shingles and the palm tress out front. It also has a casino, which can be great if you and the escort Amsterdam has given to you want to drink and gamble without actually having to leave your hotel. You'll find it at Heereweg 10, 2161 Lisse, The Netherlands.

Hotel De Duif

This hotel has more of a classic style and elegance to it, which is most obviously emphasized in the dining area with the long white tables and hanging chandeliers. It can be very nice to get a great meal without traveling. It's also nicely located near the Keukenhof gardens. You just have to walk for ten minutes -— or you can be there in less than half the time in a cab. The inside is modern, and you and the escort Hillegom gives you will find that it's quite luxurious -— with leather couches, glass showers, wall-mounted televisions and more. You can find it at Westerdreef 49, 2161 EN Lisse, The Netherlands, which is just over two miles outside of town.

Vacation Rentals

We think the very best way to see Hillegom is to choose a vacation rental, rather than a hotel. There are charming villas that people rent out when they're not using them dotted all over the countryside. This makes you feel like you and the Amsterdam escort really live there, so it's a more authentic experience.

These villas also give you a number of added advantages. You and the escort Hillegom has provided don't have to share them with anyone. You have your own parking, your own kitchen, and often your own pool. You get plenty of space and all the modern updates you could want. These are privately owned luxury homes, so they're in immaculate condition. The exact ones that are available at any given time are always changing, but there are usually around 50 or more on the market. These do cost more, but it's worth it.