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Enjoy Haarlem’s Historic Sites with a Sexy Amsterdam Escort

Step out in style in Haarlem with your sexy escort. Amsterdam has some of the finest ladies on the planet -— hot and ready to be your arm candy by day, then fulfill your naughtiest desires all night. If you are looking for a fun day trip beside your escort, Amsterdam is just a 15 minute rail jaunt from Haarlem, the flower center of the Netherlands.

Walk hand-in-hand together beside the Spaarne River waterfront or share a picnic along a scenic canal with your beautiful escort. Haarlem Old Town is full of historic buildings dating back to medieval times. The cobbled streets and gothic architecture are perfect backgrounds for your fantasy date with the hottest escort Amsterdam has.

Coffee Shops

It’s not about the coffee. Step off the train and right into Willie Wortel's Sativa coffee shop with your escort. Amsterdam is full of brown cafés, but locals swear Haarlem has the best around. Toke on some actual Thai sticks at the Sativa. Their prices are reasonable, their buds unbelievable. Want to get “in de couch?” The Indica coffee shop is near the Grote Market.

Haarlem Day Trip Highlights

Some like it hot, so head for Sauna Van Egmond with your escort. Haarlem natives and uninhibited tourists don’t hesitate to strip down in mixed company. The soap, salt scrubs and shampoo are free, and you can rent a robe and slippers for a decadent dinner in their on-site restaurant.

Not ready to get “in the buff” in public? Art buffs will enjoy touring Teyler's Museum, the oldest museum in Holland. Take a tour of de Adriaan, a reconstructed windmill on the site of its predecessor that was built in 1779 and caught fire in 1932. Stroll by and admire Amsterdam Gate with your escort. Haarlem once was surrounded by city walls; the gate is all that remains.

Food and Drink

For you and your escort, Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city with attractions and restaurants for discerning tourists of all cultural backgrounds. But don’t discount Haarlem; the city can hold its own when it comes to beer. Once home to 100 breweries, time has taken its toll. Approximately 20 years ago, the Stichting Haarlems Biergenootschap dug down deep and found some old recipes to renew the craft of beer-making. Jopen is made like a traditional "Haarlem bier." Five years ago, they opened the Jopenkerk, a brewery in central Haarlem inside an old church.

These are only a few fun activities to enjoy with your escort. Haarlem has many more hidden gems among its cobblestone streets!