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Take Part in All the Little Pleasures of Amsterdam and the Surrounding Areas with a Visit to Cruiquis.

There is much to see and do whenever you are away from home and Amsterdam has a must-see list that goes on for days. You know it's always more enjoyable to have new experiences with someone by your side, and who better than the sexiest escort Amsterdam has for you? The best part about booking your escort service, besides the fact that it is totally legal here, is that you will have a luscious local lady to show you all the best spots in town.

Dining with the Locals - Pannenkoeken Paviljoen

If your trip brings you out to quaint village of Cruiquis, you have to stop by Pannenkoeken Paviljoen. The English translation is Pancake Pavilion but don't be fooled, this is not your average little breakfast diner. This cozy restaurant with beautiful garden views offer an amazing selection of sweet and savoy crepe-like dishes. Whether you are more of a morning banana and chocolate person, ready to take on a hearty bacon and apple pancake or hankering for a salmon pancake, you won't be disappointed. There are other items available on the menu such as salads, hot chocolate, coffee and even mixed drinks. Pannenkoeken Paviljoen is not unlike the experience you will have with your escort Cruiquis has delivered, full of pleasant surprises and ready to give you whatever it is that you are craving.

Located at Kruisweg1625, 2142 LC Cruquius, you can reach them by calling (0)23 5477123, to learn store hours.

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