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The Vacation You've Always Wanted, Courtesy of Our Hot Amsterdam Escorts

So you're going to travel halfway around the world for vacation, flying into a new city to find out just what life has to offer. You've heard that Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world, a place where the focus is on having a great time, no matter what you're there for. Now you just want to know what to do and exactly how it's going to change your life. When you meet up with our Amsterdam escorts, there are three things to think about: drinking premium alcohol, smoking the finest weed in the world, and having your sexual desires come true.

The Coffee Shops

Let's start with the coffee shops, because this is probably where you and the Amsterdam escorts are going to want to start your day. A coffee shop in the Netherlands sells weed —- at least, nine out of ten of them do. The sale of marijuana is legal and regulated. This is a general mindset that's spreading all over the world, but Amsterdam was one of the first places to step up and make it legal. However, there is still a level of discretion that has to be used, so the shops are branded as coffee shops and they sometimes sell other goods, like alcohol, candy, coffee, tea and more. Still, before strolling into one, you should know that the main focus is on weed and hash, and they have a ton of different options.

Your standard coffee shop is small, quaint and comfortable. It's a little shop with a bar up front, a bell on the door, and the weed hung on the wall behind the bar or sitting under the glass. You can't just pick it up and look at it, in most cases, but you have to ask for what you want to buy, just like you do at a lot of liquor shops.

Opposing the bar, though, you and the Amsterdam escorts are often going to find chairs, tables, couches and open space to lounge. Some of the shops offer free candy, others offer video games. Some have televisions on the walls or music playing. A few of the nicest ones have outdoor spaces, either patios or terraces, so that you can watch people in the street and enjoy the weather. Overall, these are cozy places where a lot of people stay to smoke after they buy, and you can, too.

The Bar Scene

After smoking, you may decide to go out and hit up the bars, and Amsterdam is littered with them. There's one bar that used to be a distillery, and it's now one of the oldest establishments in the area, going back generations; it's small and packed, but it really gives you that historic vibe that is so dominant in this city. Another brewery is set up in a local windmill; it's almost cliché, but it also has a certain level of charm -— and the beer is to die for, so you're not going to care if it's packed with tourists.

The bars vary greatly, depending on where you are and what you want. There are clubs where the whole place is pretty much a dance floor under strobe lights, and there are little brick and stone pubs where you can silently drink at a booth with the Amsterdam escorts. There are bars with live music and other types of performances, and there are rowdy sports bars where TVs are plastered to the walls and the crowd will often yell and cheer along with the game. The bar scene is huge and diverse, and the escort Amsterdam gave you can help you find the place that is exactly what you've been after.

The Red Light District

Now for the third and most alluring category this town has to offer: the vibrant sex scene, most clearly displayed in the Red Light District. Just taking a walk through with the Amsterdam escorts can be pretty fun, with all of the neon lights, the girls calling from their windows, and the sex shops on every corner.

This is a part of town where just about anything goes -— it could be as innocent as buying sex toys that you and the girl can use back at your hotel or as dramatic as ducking into a sex club to have a threesome with the girl on your arm and another who is waiting for you just beyond the doorway. People have been known to have sex outside, in the park, and to partake in bondage and other kinky activities that they've been dying to try out for years.

The Red Light District is as exciting as it sounds. This sexual freedom alone can change your life; if you've been holding anything back or assuming your fantasies would only come to life in your mind, the escorts, Amsterdam style, can deliver.

If you have something particular in mind, sit down with the young lady in advance and talk to her about exactly what you're after -— maybe while sharing a beer or a joint. If you're not sure, just head on over to the Red Light District and see where the night takes you; you're not going to be disappointed.

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