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Your Dreams and Desires Come True with an Amsterdam Escort

When you hook up with an Amsterdam escort, just about anything you want is possible. These girls are wild and crazy, they love to have a good time, and they're willing to show you why so many people come to Amsterdam every year. If you have some fantasies you never thought you'd be able to carry out, this is the place to prove yourself wrong. Please check out our gallery right now to see these girls and learn more, and then get in touch with us so that we can give you one of the best dates that you have ever been on.

A Low-Key Start to the Night

Maybe you've got some ideas about what you want to do with the Amsterdam escort, but you want to start things off slow. You want a chance to get to know each other. Consider going out to the local bars, breweries and restaurants to get some drinks and talk. It's low-key and relaxing, and we promise it's going to make the rest of the night even better. Two of the best bars are Proeflokaal Wynand Fockink, which is an old distillery from the 17th century, offering tasting and guided tours, and Café Sound Garden, a chill little bar where you can listen to live musicians while you sip your drinks. Then you can head back to your hotel or off to the Red Light District for the fun you've been dreaming of.


The Red Light District is world famous for its brothels and sex workers. If you and the Amsterdam escort want to have some fun with one or more other girls, just head over there and strike a deal. These girls are open to anything, including group sessions and threesomes, and they'll be more than happy to take you in. Have you been craving some group sex and unsure how to make that happen -— perhaps because you live somewhere that it's either not allowed or frowned upon? A night in the Red Light District can open up all of those doors for you, so you're going to want to come back.

Sex Clubs

Similarly, you and the escort Amsterdam has given you can find a whole array of sex clubs in the Red Light District. These places are different than brothels because it really is more of a club atmosphere. Some of them have bright flashing lights, loud music, a bar stocked with the best drinks, and everything else you'd expect at a normal club. The difference is that the whole thing is geared around sexual exploration and fun.

You and the Amsterdam escort will also find that the sex clubs sometimes differ from each other significantly. For instance, there are the louder, more active ones, where everything is a bit more out in the open, and then there are clubs like Club Golden Key. It's very romantic and relaxed. They have a champaign bar, and some people just come in to get a drink and consider their options. They have friendly girls that you and the Amsterdam escort can hook up with at the same time -— or, with some of the girls, they'll do whatever you want while you watch. The emphasis is on being a bit more discrete, and you can retreat to rooms with comfortable, luxurious beds to have all the fun you've dreamed of. As you're doing it, they'll be glad to bring you more drinks and anything else you need.

Outdoor Excursions

Maybe your fantasy has always been to have sex outside, something you never get a chance to do at home. If so, you should know that outdoor sex is not just common, but legal in Amsterdam. This doesn't mean you can do it wherever you want, but you and the Amsterdam escort are more than welcome to take a stroll through Vondelpark, the most famous park in the city, and stop to have sex if you so desire. You're not going to be the only ones, so this is also great if you're interested in showing off or having other people watch. It's definitely a freeing experience.

Some people even decide to make a day of it. They get a bottle of wine or champagne, they pick up some light food, and they head down to the park. They take a romantic walk on the grounds, stop to have a picnic and talk, and then end the whole thing by having sex right there in the park. It gives you the real “dating” feel that you crave, and it's often a lot more fun than running in and out of a brothel. It creates an overall experience and gives you a chance to try something new. This may not be for you, but, if it's always been on your list of things to try, this is absolutely the place to do it.

Adding Weed to the Mix

One thing you should know is that a little bit of weed can really spice up your time, no matter where you decide to go. You can almost always smoke in the shops, and you can smoke outside in some areas. You can buy weed legally and bring it back to your hotel, and you can bring it along to the Red Light District. If you want to add one more element of fun, stop by coffee shops where they sell weed and pick up a bag before you head out.

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