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Greener in Amstelveen: an Escort Amsterdam Quiet Escape

Amstelveen is a relatively small community to the South of Amsterdam that prides itself on its green spaces. This is where you go to enjoy the liberties of Amsterdam without any of the crowds.


With only 143 rooms available in all of the accommodations in Amstelveen, luxury and attention to detail is not lacking. You will love the specialized attention one can receive from an Escort Amstelveen in a beautiful yet quaint Dutch hideaway.

Lute Suites

Lute Suites is the ideal place for a romantic getaway. The main office is located at Amsteldijk Zuid 54-58, 1184 VD Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Amstelveen. However, The Suites are actually made up of seven luxury cottages, each with its own unique design aspect and incredible view overlooking the river. Staying at the Lute Suites offers a sense of freedom with modern kitchenettes, wine coolers, and breakfast delivered to your door. Once you shut the door behind you and your sexy Escort, Amsterdam will feel like it is worlds away. Call +31 20 472 2462 to inquire about availability.


We know an Amsterdam getaway can be enticing because of the freedom when it comes to smoking pot and taking advantages of sex services but everyone's got to eat!

De Jonge Dikkert

Your time in Amstelveen will be like no other place on Earth. This restaurant is a truly picturesque ancient Dutch mill. The mill, originally constructed in 1672, has undergone renovations and now has a trendy, contemporary feel. The atmosphere is pretty casual -- perfect for a business meeting or strictly pleasure. The chef cooks a local seasonal menu to make sure that each mouthwatering sensation is authentic and delectable. Your Escort Amstelveen will show you a quiet side of the Netherlands waiting to be explored. The mill is located at Amsterdamseweg 104a, 1182 HG Amstelveen, Netherlands, and you can make a reservation by calling +31 20 643 3333.


When you are ready to stretch your legs and get your blood pumping, take your Escort Amstelveen for some fun outdoors.

Amsterdamse Bos Park

The park provides a natural beautiful escape from the big city of Amsterdam, with walking, running, horseback riding, water sports, etc. There is even an open air theatre during the summer months and two cheese farms! Even in the cold months, winter sports are available. You can reach the park office at Bosbaanweg 5, 1182 DB Amstelveen or by calling +31 20 545 6100.

Don't Wait

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